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What to Expect


If you’ve ever had pictures before and dread the thought of ever having any done again, you are not alone! My own husband HATES them with a passion LOL
This will NOT be one of those sessions. I’m very relaxed and want you to be too. Capturing the real you is what I want. Sure at times I’ll ask you to smile or not smile or turn a bit one way, but those are just to make sure you look your best.
I follow kids around while they play. I lay on the ground to get the angle I need. I’ve even been known to ruin an incredible pair of pumps just to get the shot! There will be lots of laughing (so come with your best joke), lots of smiles and hopefully you’ll not only leave with amazing photos, but with a new outlook on the whole experience. The best comment I hear time and time again was “That was actually FUN!”



Choosing a family photographer is more than just pretty photos… you want someone who does this full time! You need someone who can adapt to your children’s personalities. You will want someone who create consistent results so you know what you’ll be getting. Ask questions and be sure to choose someone for their style and experience. Often a referral from a friend is a great way to know who would be great for your family.

Once your session is booked, I will direct you to my prep guide that will walk you through the process so you know what to expect.
On the day of pictures, keep your kids well fed and rested. Try not to change nap times or routines too much as kids can be sensitive to those things. If it’s the first time we’ve met, I will immediately gravitate to your kids. It’s not that I don’t think you are fabulous, it’s just that children need a minute to feel out new situations and people With the camera at my side, I will ask them questions and try to build a little trust with them. Usually it just takes a few minutes and a couple well-intentioned jokes and we will hit it off. This time is important in order for you to get the shots we want later. AND if your children take a little longer to warm up, DON’T STRESS! I’ve NEVER done a full session with a reluctant child, they always come around. It might take bribes (treats in my bag), it might take animal noises (please don’t judge) and it might take potty humor (whatever it takes) but they eventually will get on board and we will have a great time together! by the end high-fives, blown kisses and hugs are the norm!
With that in mind, it’s your job to prep your hubby and make sure he’s following suit as most are not as easily persuaded by chicken bocks as their kids are;)


When looking for a newborn photographer, experience is key! These new babies require a special set of skills and safety must be a priority. Knowing how to handle a preemie, broken collarbone babies, jaundice coloring, temperature needs and more is part of the experience required from your newborn photographer. Posing and technique are also very important. Some babies are best suited for certain poses. Many images you are are composite images and need an assistant to perform safely. PLEASE choose your newborn photographer carefully and ask questions!

I ADORE NEWBORNS!! Newborn shots are done within 10 days of birth. You’ll want to book your session 2-3 months in advance and then we will chat and pin point the date better as it gets closer. I have a whole packet dedicated to what to expect during this session to put your mind at ease. I also offer a Baby Steps package that includes newborn, 6 month studio mini and 1 year birthday session that includes a smash cake!


I spend my days with kids! I love the things they say, the faces they make, the secrets they tell me…all of it! I offer sessions for all age children and will work to help them feel comfortable with the camera. From the shyest child to the most outgoing showoff, my goal is to showcase them, whatever that may be!

Any age is welcome but I especially love 6 month, 1 year birthday (see my 1 year guide), 8 year baptism, and high school seniors. Many even come to me every fall for “school” pictures in an updated setting that doesn’t involve laser beams and mini blind backgrounds Heehee (you know you have at least one of those in your scrapbook)


I like to take maternity shots at about the 7-8 month mark. You still feel relatively good and I don’t have to worry about my delivery skills. These can be done in studio or on location. I want you to be comfortable while showcasing this amazing time in your life! Husbands and other children are welcome to join for a few shots


I will rush home and start downloading the images. Once they are downloaded and backed up, I will start my magic on them! The best ones will be chosen and editing will begin. There’s a lot that goes into finalizing a great shot so be patient with me as I mold each one into the images you see on here. Between edits I am still a chauffeur, chef (a little bit), tutor, shoulder to cry on, sister, and more. So I appreciate your understanding and excitement while I prepare your images.
I will keep you posted on my progress as I know you are anxious and excited to see them.

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